I’ve Started a Blog…

(Which started the whole world laughing/crying?)

Or as my dear, sweet Mother says: What’s a blog, honey?

My first post just kinda wrote itself. And it was long…

So I wrote this (and it became my first post instead).

(As kind of a “Hi!”and “Thank you!”.)

But I guess that’s what a blog is all about. I get to tell my stories and experience the catharsis in doing so. The process of writing aids to clear the corners of my heart and my mind.

And lately, both have been feeling a little overextended.

At times, I will be vulnerable and at other times, I will show some strength…and over time, all the feels in between. Whatever I post, it will be me (unless otherwise noted).

So, I am glad that you’re with me and look forward to your comments and contributions. I marvel at the support that I’ve received in the announcement of this project. I hope that what I share interests you, engages you, stimulates or humours you, but most of all, I hope that it inspires you to live life your way.

3 Replies to “I’ve Started a Blog…”

  1. AMAZING! I loved reading this post. Congratulations Micha.. I cannot wait to learn from your shared wisdom and experiences.


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