I Yelled at the Universe Today

I know. Probably NOT a smart move.

But I awoke today, feeling pretty damn vulnerable and emotional about leaving my pups and heading out for Seattle.

Callie made her opinion pretty clear but hey, my job keeps her treatment financially possible and treats don’t pay for themselves.

So, on my way to the airport, and things are going well. I drive through a construction zone and mid-day traffic is particularly light.

And then I smell burning.

No worries, right? I mean, I am in a work zone.

But my intuition reached to my right, forcing my hand in turn, and there was HEAT…and smoke IN MY CAR.

My iPhone charger was on fire.

(I safely put it out by hanging it out the window.)

But I, aloud and with all sincerity, yelled:

“I get it, Universe! But I am strong! You will not break me !!”

Not my proudest moment. But then again, not my worst.

And then, about 10 minutes from the airport, we got 11 seconds of Sky Water.

I accept that as an apology.

So…let’s see what’s in store next for me…

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