Just One of Those Days

It was one of those days.

You wake up entirely too early, your weary mind wondering where it is, and your fatigued body unhappy with the answer.

The migraine looms.

The sun, entirely too loud.

But you crawl out of bed.

And somehow, with the promise of a Puppachino from Starbucks, you are able to convince your sick, normally fearful dog to get in the car with her sister.

You even, without the help of others, convince her to walk freely into the vet, where they graciously understand how rare and precious these moments are and sans appointment, take her immediately.

And she goes, this increasingly frail yet still full-of-life pup.

She decides not to shake. Nor pee on the scale. And she goes willingly into the back, with her sister as constant and immediate support, to have blood tests done.

Afterwards, she heads straight to the room normally utilized for her Subcutaneous Fluids. The fluids are injected with an ease and speed that leaves you in awe.

You go to pay. There’s a credit on the account.

You’re presented with an opportunity  to assist an older lady who, despite your purple fauxhawk, decides that she’ll enlist your help with checking in at the vet, as she’s unable to walk without assistance. She’s so warm yet fragile. You might be her one day.

You get the promised Puppachino’s but while waiting in the drive-thru line, decide to treat your roommate to their preferred beverage, while ordering via the Jamba app a freshly made Orange Carrot Karma with kale and Vita-boosts for yourself. You’re proud of your healthier decision.

The Jamba employee hands to it you as you walk to the counter. No wait. Pure deliciousness.

You return home to find that your kick-arse roommate has not only cut the grass but has proceeded to clean out the garage. You mean purge, reorganize, restructure. You had no idea they had done this when you asked about their desired coffee order.

An hour later, you get the good word from the vet. The disease hasn’t progressed and treatment is working. The main issue now is the 19 lb weight loss over the course of the last year. You need to tweak her regimen to help with this. Your dog is stable.

“Stable” never sounded so sweet.

A long evening in the home office produces good results. You’re asked to help assist with a new project at work. Your skill set is acknowledged and appreciated.

Hours later, you find yourself, exhausted, headachy, and squinty-eyed in bed, listening to the sound of the relaxed breathing of your pampered puppy, toasty warm against your air conditioned cool skin, and think to yourself, with a gracious heart:

It sure was one of those days.

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