American Rage: Questioning Our Perceptions and Checking Our Ego

A FB friend the other day mentioned that, in his view, Republicans just laugh stuff off and Democrats get all angry about shit. 

American Rage:TheEsquire/NBC News Survey

And then this survey was published and it got me wondering if we are all open to questioning the validity of our beliefs. While I haven’t always been as open, I know I am because my ideology has evolved greatly over the last 20+ years. I find no shame in admitting when I am wrong. (I have been VERY wrong.) We can only grow when we are faced with the knowledge that we are wrong and then admit it, and allow the new information to shape our perception of the world. We cannot let the ego control us. 

I was accused this week by a now-Unfriended person of being “high on my horse”, “having a superiority complex”, and of always thinking that I am right. 

First of all, I didn’t unfriend her because she thought differently than I do. I Unfriended her because she is mean, and a racist, and full of hatred. She wore her ignorance as a badge of honor and she attempted to use her seniority as a way to talk down to me. She allowed her ego to override facts. Differing opinions are fine on my page and I continue to encourage a healthy and, at times, heated dialogue and always will. All I require is civility and respect. Hatred and personal attacks will not be tolerated for long. 

Secondly, I know that I have a strong personality. That how I state my opinions is more dominant than submissive/ more conventionally masculine than feminine. I will not apologize for my strength. But I will remind you that I have been wrong, that I will be wrong again more times than I would like, and that when presented with credible evidence, I will admit that I am wrong. (I love source material.) I will not let my ego prevent me from admitting the error of my ways. On that you have my word. And I would like to believe that my word has some weight. If we don’t have our integrity, what do we have?  

Also, I would like to add that conversation is not about “winning”, it should be about “learning”. My aim is to learn everyday. And in order to learn, I have to remove the ego and just listen. So, thank you for letting me listen to your opinions over the years and I hope that you will continue to do so. 

2 Replies to “American Rage: Questioning Our Perceptions and Checking Our Ego”

  1. Thank you for this post. So true! I love ‘learning’ discussions and can relate to your strength. Good that you unfriended this person.

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