Another Loss

In a year of much change, I got the call that my dad died. 

His body was found on June 27th. 

The cause of death is unknown. 

Much like the nature of my feelings. 

Our relationship was a contentious one at best. Some of you that knew him understand what I mean. I think that the parts of myself that I like the least are the ones that are most like him.

I wish that I could say that he was a good man. I can’t. I wish that I could say that my childhood was filled with amazing memories, or even a couple of really good ones. I can’t. I wish that I could tell you that my father taught me about love and family. He didn’t or at least not in the sense that ever created a longing or desire for a family myself. 

I am sure that I will write more as I process this. I don’t feel a sense of loss like most of you would experience. I don’t know how to explain it so for now, I won’t try.

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