Thank You

Today I returned to work after a weeklong mourning period. The CEO, CSO, and my entire Broadly team never once pressured me and even encouraged me to take the time off that I needed to mourn. I feel blessed to work in such a nurturing environment in this way. 

My return, cross-country flight last night was delayed and from the emotional stress, the long days, and the 3-hour time difference, my body is in a solid state of confusion. 

I wrote an entire blog in my head on Sunday night and when I awoke the next morning, it had slipped away from me. 

It was about Love and Expectation and Acceptance and Grace. Given and Received. It was about Regrets and Guilt…and being Present yet Forward-Thinking. 

I guess after things dial back down, I will have to re-write it but in print this time. 

Because while I just closed a deal and sleep-walked through dinner,  I am now ready to collapse into bed. 

Thank you to everyone who offered kindness and calm, love and support, encouragement and understanding. I felt it and it helped more than you’ll ever know. 

Love and Connection. 

It’s what makes people a community. 

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