Moxie was Attacked

My beautiful, sweet, gentle, passive Moxie was attacked at Point Isabel today. As anyone who knows Moxie knows, she doesn’t hang or initiate play with other dogs; she would rather hang out with people any day of the week. 

But tonight, Moxie was attacked and the other dogs owner tried to tell me that his dog just put her mouth on Moxie in play. 

Moxie made several sounds that I’ve never heard from her before during the attack and after we separated the dogs. Her hackles stayed up and she wandered away from the group and I excused myself for the evening. As we headed back to the car, I noticed that Moxie had blood on her ear. The whole side of her face was covered in blood, which, while it ended up being just a cut ear, looked much worse at the time. 

I finally got Moxie home and with the help of my roommate, it took another 20 minutes, bandages, gauze, and peroxide to get the bleeding to stop. 

I am furious. The lack of concern by the rest of this group, which are regulars, is frustrating to say the least; particularly when one of the other regulars pups was attacked and I stepped up and helped and offered assistance in a variety of ways. This was not reciprocated. 

 The bigger issue is that people don’t stop or correct their dogs bad and aggressive behaviors, and obviously have little remorse for their dogs actions. 

If your kid punched my kid and caused my kid to bleed, you would correct that behavior, right? So let’s just agree that moving forward that you teach your dogs to behave properly and I will take my dogs in the opposite direction when I see you/your dogs. 

Not cool. So not cool. 

Downright dangerous, in fact.

And I’ve had enough. 

End rant. 

One Reply to “Moxie was Attacked”

  1. Very sad to hear!! Furry kids are still accountable. That’s not being a good furry citizen!! Play doesn’t result in strange noises from a dog or blood. Once a yelp is heard play should be stopped because with animals it can turn on a dime. I have seen it with my dog & family members dogs. No excuse to allow ones fur kid to break good citizen rules.


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