Another Layer of Numb

I finally cried. 

I guess it took a physical trauma to help me let go. 

Pippen woke up early this morning and I got them all geared up and headed out into the still-dark morning. 

On the way back home, we stopped so they could sniff a yard and as I took a step, I realized that my foot didn’t land on flat land but rather into an uneven hole…and before I knew it, I landed on my bad knee…and then skidded across the pavement on my face. 

3 silver linings:

  1. My glasses flew off but didn’t break. 
  2. I turned my face so the right side got the brunt of it instead of hitting flat on my face. 
  3. Pippen didn’t run into traffic or far away. 

I laid there and thought: Ok, how bad could this be?

Well, this bad:

If everything happens for a reason, then I think this happened so I could cry. I could let loose, even if for just a moment. 

In tears, I came home and my incredible roommate cleaned me up, disinfected my wounds, and ironically…

With topical lidocaine, numbed them for me. 

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