An Unexpected Goodness

When I returned from walking the dogs at the end of last week, I found a $20 bill, crisp and folded, in the hallway between my apartment and my neighbor. I tried to see if it was theirs but alas, no one was home. 

After returning from a weekend away, I stopped at their apartment and the female of the house said it wasn’t hers but that she would check with her fiancé when he returned home. 

I decided to take advantage of the sun-filled glorious day so I grabbed the pups and headed to Point Isabel. 

We just returned to find this at my front door:

Doing the right thing is easy. It’s not about being rewarded. It’s about putting goodness out into the world and not taking that which isn’t ours to take. Even such a simple action of returning a small amount of money to its rightful owner is enough to elicit returned goodness, for which I am grateful. And if goodness inspires more goodness, either returned or paid forward, then aren’t we doing our part, in even the smallest ways, to change the way people interact with the world around us?

I’d like to believe so. 

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