A Little Lighter Today

I don’t want my Friends List to be a homogenized place where only people who agree with me are welcome. 

I’ve purposefully stayed friends and engaged with friends whose opinions swing to the Far Right and everything in between. 


Because it’s important that we don’t seal ourselves into a bubble.  It’s important that we try to see things from a perspective other than our own. 
This is what allows us to grow, to change. 

It is also what causes us to become frustrated and angry at the lack of understanding, empathy, and decency from the other side. 

You don’t want to support the Women’s March? Ok. But at least don’t say that it’s the “littering” and “wearing of vaginas” that upset you. 

And don’t say that it was the “looting” because that didn’t happen on the watch of the Women’s March. 

( Littering and looting occur in the name of sporting events but I don’t see you denouncing sports.)

And “wearing vaginas” is so terrible?  I’ve had to witness countless “truck nuts” going down the road for no reason than the drivers insecurities, but wearing a vagina while protesting injustice is intolerable?

Are you that embarrassed of your vagina? Men flaunt, text, email, and/or shake their dicks at other people with abandon but some women wear vagina costumes and there’s outrage? 

What’s that about? 

And women who tell other women how they should protest, what ladylike protesting is supposed to look like, sound like, and what behaviors are acceptable? 
How long have you been a hostage to the patriarchy? So long that you don’t even realize that you’re a traitor to Equality?

And I wonder: how many of you dismissed Trumps sexual assault conversation with Billy Bush as “locker room talk” and “Boys will be Boys”?

Because if you are one of those hypocrites, then I am here today to remind you of that. 

You do not own the moral high ground. 
What about posts that refer to people as “trash”? 

Have we become so desensitized from our Love Affair with the Military that we don’t view all people, yes, ALL PEOPLE, as human beings?

Hatred is not the answer. 
War is not the answer. 
Trump is not the answer. 
Love, Kindness, and Compassion is the answer. 
Coming together to find solutions is the answer. 
But today, I lightened the load. I unfriended and ended friendships of 35+ years. 
People forget that social media is about a free exchange of ideas. If you don’t want to have a discussion, then you might want to reconsider making that kind of post. 
And if you can’t allow respectful dissent, then what ARE you looking for?

3 Replies to “A Little Lighter Today”

  1. while i strongly agree with you on the bubble thing, theres only so much ridiculous bs that people can stand on a single day.

    im sure the left feels that way about trump, but theyre constantly twisting everything he says into the worst thing it could ever mean. its like theres something between the ears and the brain that takes every word and says “hey! how we can spin this?”

    of course the media could play a major role in that, but everyones doing it.

    im not a big trump fan (except for the tpp thing and the no-hillary thing. if you wanted a democrat, bernie was the only sane choice. if you wanted a woman, you shouldve all voted for stein. hillarys campaign aside, her votes as senator are on public record– including the 2006 vote for the Wallllll…)

    didnt vote for him. i could still talk all day about the hypocrisy and unearned self-righteousness of the left, even in your own post. why block so many people? because trying to talk to (so many of) them is pointless, and theres too much stupid to wade through online. but yes– not creating too much of a bubble is important. “both sides” (all sides) of this thing will have to have some contact with the “idiots” outside our own “narrow” points of view. but only because it makes us smarter and more informed to do that (it certainly doesnt seem to have an effect on anyone else…)


    1. I disagree. Trump is his own worst enemy. The world mourns his presidency which is why women marched. Hillary was a sane choice. She’s rational and dedicated to listening to all sides.

      I didn’t block so many people. In fact, I blocked no one. I just removed people from my feed who don’t add truth or decency to my life.

      Prior to Obama, I voted Republican. I was pro-death penalty and pro-life. Once I was exposed to people from a different socio-economic background and educated myself on the injustices that didn’t effect me, I realized the error of my ways and changed my life view. That’s what open-minded, educated, decent people do. They don’t celebrate the death of people. They don’t try to tear people down for standing up to injustice and for exercising their Constitutional rights. They don’t conflate looters the day before with peaceful protesters the following day.


      1. well of course you do. but not his only one. the best reason they had (and also the one i agree with) is that he will openly attack reproductive rights– thats a good reason to march, not that a good reason is necessarily a requirement. shes about as egotistical as he is, and her version of listening is (perhaps similarly) to take everyone that disagrees and giving them labels like “white trash” and “basket of deplorables.” thats listening to all sides? pff…

        i dont know a lot of people adding truth or decency to life at the moment. my own feed– the people i follow, is basically untouched. i may have dropped one person. but i add new people all the time, and wordpress is– well im glad im not on facebook, id need a new monitor that wasnt covered in puke.

        pro-death penalty and pro-life; thats funny stuff. though im pro-choice and anti-hillary. thats why bernie or stein were good options, imo. they wouldve left reproductive rights alone. as for constitutional rights, im for them– including marriage equality and trans rights. but also the good ol’-fashioned amendments that bush jr, senators clinton and obama, and mr. president for the last 8 years voted against again and again.

        as for vagina hats, we should get one for juanita broaddrick. but bill would probably try to make out with it, and hillary would call people “white trash” for even mentioning it. like i said, the hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. they just assume that because their core values are so good, that the people that pander to those views are good, too. thats a fallacy strong enough to destabilize a nation, and it has– enough to let trump get into office. but if hillarys ego hadnt run this term, trump wouldve lost. if the left ever figures that out, im guessing a few will be unable to live with the shame. dont worry– never happen.


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