Be the Change

Sometimes it’s hard to keep ones attitude positive, especially on grey days like today when incompetence and a huge bank account are rewarded. 

But I can’t let it discourage me and destroy me. There has to be a way through the storm. 

I, for one, am going to do the things that make me, and hopefully others, happy. 

Tonight, I am cooking vegan yums for a colleague and friend. We will undoubtedly share in food and wine and laughter. 

Tomorrow, I will be huddling with likeminded women in a positive, action-oriented, inclusive and grounded way, working towards a safer, freer, and more just World. 

Find (or Create!) Your Huddle

Later this week, I will be once again volunteering, reading African American literature to elementary school students in Oakland. 

As long as we stay focused, and stay positive, we can help each other through these challenging times. 

Instead of engaging in mean-spirited conversation and personal yet anonymous verbal and emotional attacks on others, remember that Kindness and Love and Action is the answer. 

Be the change. 

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