Yoga: Connectedness and Compassion

Today was a powerful day.

Our morning yoga session left me in tears and amazement. Tarina, our Aussie yoga instructor, was an intuitive, bright light and guided us through a physically and emotionally transformative session. 

At the end of the session, Tarina drew 2 cards to guide us in our intention as we moved forward into our day.

The first of those cards was Say Yes. 

The second card was to remind us to embrace the emotional aspect of this moment, this practice, and this day. 

As I allowed myself to re-enter my surroundings, I found myself with tears streaming down my face. Tarina came over and wrapped me in her arms and we rocked together in an embrace of compassion and grace. It was profound. 

6 months ago, I would physically have been unable to do what I did today. 

And emotionally, it was necessary to go through those physical positions, and to hold present to achieve that release. 
Without taking massive action, and adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet, today’s breakthrough would have been impossible. 

What a gift nutrition is!

Connectedness and compassion, to and with ourselves as well as to others. That’s what life is about. 

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