life as posted

What a week!

I have been on 8 different flights in the last 7 days.

I have been out of the country and back, within the same 24 hour period.

I have had (2) days of waking up at 2:30am, and (2) days that were 20+ hours long.

I have spent more than 12+ hours on planes and stopped at (4) different cities.

I’ve eaten great meals, drank good wine, and even better beer. I’ve slept in comfortable beds and not had to make a single one of them. (BONUS!)

I’ve visited with longtime friends, made friends out of colleagues, and met new friends. Several new friends, in fact.

I’ve discovered new music that excites me.

I have discovered that Lyft, in Denver, is better than Uber.

I have been wowed by new flavors discovered in hops filled glasses.

I’ve wanted to cry and I’ve laughed so hard that I have.

I’ve been awed by the sun and the warmth of a Late-September day in Denver.

And I have also discovered that there is no amount of travel that would make me believe that this life is all glamour.  It may appear so on paper, or Facebook, since no one uses paper anymore, but most days are a study in sleep management.

I saw a quote on Facebook again this week that reminded me of the importance of the content that we put out into the world via social media.

It went something like this:

May Someday Your Life Be As Awesome As You Pretend It Is On Facebook

And, I thought to myself, What am I putting out? Am I putting out my truest self?

I admit that I live a charmed life.  It’s a life that has allowed me to see the country, to grow my craft, and to build relationships and forge friendships.

But it’s also a life that has taken me away from my pups, my family and friends, from special events, and concerts, and most recently, birthdays and funerals of friends.  Some days start very early and others end very late. Sometimes, those are the same day.

Despite all the sacrifices and all of the recirculated air, and crowded loud spaces, and shuttle busses, traffic jams, subways, and shared transportation, despite the dry skin, and puffy eyes, this is the life that makes me happy.

So, let me assure you: My life is awesome.

For me.

Just as your life, filled with an assortment of other commitments, is awesome for you.

And no matter what rolls my way, I hope to live in the Now, find the lesson even in the pain, and love all the moments.

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